Thursday, October 02, 2008


Do you wonder why some of the people you know behave so irrationally? How they can support one candidate or political party so rabidly, ignoring evidence that "their team" doesn't measure up to the high standards they demand of the other guys?

Just remember this: Those friends and neighbors of yours are only a few generations removed from those who burned people at the stake. Perhaps the old woman on the outskirts of town for giving someone the "evil eye". Or the young girl who kept to herself - clearly she was in league with the Devil, and had caused the drought pestilence.

THAT is who your neighbors are. They can't help it - it's in their blood. And it's in yours, too.


Hurricane Heather said...

This is from your old friend who was in cahoots with the Devil. But instead of causing a drought, can you please blame me for pestilence?

justkim said...

Well, it is lovebug season.