Friday, November 21, 2008

Another sign of the failure of US government

The piracy happening along the coast of Somalia is a failure of American government, an inattention to detail that will eventually end us.

Sometime during WWII, the USA became the greatest naval power on the planet. So keeping the seas free and open is our responsibility, both as the hegemon and because of our commitment to free trade. Personally I think we should send a US Naval Tsk Force (complete with a sufficiently large contingent of Marines) to the coast of Africa to kick ass and take names. We've done it before, and back then we didn't have anywhere near the power projection capabilities we do now. Billions for defense, not one penny for tribute or ransom.

Note: We should settle for nothing less than a decisive victory. All we need to do is kill the pirates and sink their ships. NO MORE NATION BUILDING!

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