Thursday, November 06, 2008

Bad-ass, off the field and on it.

Good luck, Myron!

ADDED: SI's front page has a REACT that asks, "Rolle's Future: Would you choose football or academics?"

In Rolle's case, it depends on whether or not he gets the Rhodes Scholarship - if he does he should definitely pursue academics. He would be a First Round pick in the NFL draft next spring, so he would be passing up serious money. (He's a third year player at FSU, but won't be back regardless - he graduated in two and a half years with a 3,75 GPA in Pre-Med.) But as he is set on becoming a doctor the money becomes less of a consideration - Rolle will be set if he walks away from athletics permanently, he'll just make his fortune another way. Beyond that, if he takes one year off for his study in England, he can come back for next year's draft, or even wait for a supplemental draft, which might be better for him anyway. He might lose a few spots on draft boards, but shouldn't fall below the second round, which is still good money.

Coincidentally, there are 32 picks in the First Round of the NFL Draft, and 32 Rhodes Scholarships handed out annually so the rewards are comparably rare.

But this is an interesting question for other athletes as well: Should star athletes stay in school to graduate, or should they leave school early to get rich? Each circumstance is different, and each player should make their own choice, but generally I feel that star football players should definitely leave early if they are certain of a good pay-off. Football is a violent sport, and every play can end your career. Passing up the money is usually too big of a risk.

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