Monday, November 03, 2008

Final Decision

I'm going to hold my nose and vote for McCain. I hate to do it, for reasons stated previously, and I'll probably be sick afterwards. Should McCain win I believe he will be a bad President. Obama will be even worse.

Incidentally, it is trivial to demonstrate that neither man can be a good President. Neither has shown any ability to adjust their policy goals to meet current conditions – that is what the financial crisis has taught us. McCain's inflexibility can be blamed (probably incorrectly) on age, but what's Obama's excuse? Obama’s lack of flexibility shouldn’t surprise though. He has shown remarkably little mental suppleness, as evidenced by his inability to acknowledge that the misnamed Surge worked in Iraq. He decided in 2002 that America must fail in Iraq, and no amount of evidence will convince him otherwise. I expect Obama will fire Petraeus by July 2009.

But that’s not what drove me to vote for McCain - my reasons for doing so are personal, and therefore petty.

Today I drove over to my mother’s house. I do that most days, given my Mom’s health issues and my brother’s cancer. The posts I wrote about the political yard signs were inspired by those drives. But I have not mentioned yard signs in Mom’s neighborhood. That’s because there haven’t been any – until today. As I turned onto Mom’s street this morning I noticed two yard signs, both for Obama. One yard sported the “OBAMA” sign, and the other sported the “CHANGE” sign. (The “CHANGE” signs make me want to pull over and throw pennies at them whenever I see them.)

I actually felt like I had been hit in the gut when I saw them. The “OBAMA” sign was in front of the house that breeds pit bulls for dog fighting. But the “CHANGE” sign, that really got me. It is in front of the house two doors down from Mom’s house. That is where the leader of the gang that invaded Mom’s house in March lived. He doesn’t appear to live there anymore, as his gang isn’t hanging around now. If there’s any justice he’s dead, or at least in jail somewhere. But his family still lives there, as I recognize the cars. I saw “CHANGE” and thought, “Fuck you!” The change I want would see everyone living in that house in jail for aiding and abetting. Everyone living on the street knew that the leader of the home invaders (they struck several houses in the neighborhood, not just Mom’s) lived there, but the police were too goddamned cowardly to do anything about it. (Never trust the police, especially not in a poor neighborhood.) And now they have the goddamned unmitigated gall to call for “CHANGE”? Fuck them, and fuck their candidate. I’m voting for McCain.

In passing I will note that I shouldn’t be shocked at their support for Obama – they also believe in “spreading the wealth around”. Obama – the candidate of dog fighters and home invaders!


amba said...

I'm voting for McCain too. But if Obama is elected, I would be utterly shocked and horrified if he fired Petraeus. What, for making him wrong about the surge?? I know it's personal, but I think you're going way overboard there, Outis.

Icepick said...

Two months ago I wouldn't have even considered the idea. But Obama has made it quite clear that he will destroy anyone who disagrees with him or makes him look bad. Look at how he has used the government of the state of Ohio to go after some shmuck plumber! (Wurzelbacher will probably have an entire office of the federal DOJ on his ass by January 21, 2009.) And no one has made Obama look worse than Petraeus, with the possible exception of the Reverend Wright.