Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How's that campaign finance reform thing working out for you, John?

It turns out that McCain's Presidential campaign will get the full screwing from the FEC, while Obama, who illegally raised tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars, won't be investigated at all. To the victor belong the spoils!

Expect Obama to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for his reelection campaign by the end of 2009 - he may even raise some of it honestly! Expect that some of THAT will be used to repeal the the XXII Amendment, so that Obama can rule in perpetuity. Once the Chicago Machine has control of the federal government they won't ever allow another free election in this country. The Era of Big Man Politics in the USA has begun.


hrsgurl said...

As much as I dislike Obama, the FEC audit of John McCain's campaign is poetic justice. Thanks to McCain-Feingold there are a heck of a lot more laws now than when he ran for President in 2000.

Icepick said...

Agreed. But I believe that the audit is a product of the post-Watergate "reforms".

Still, there's a problem with poetic justice - namely that it's something people use to comfort themselves when real justice eludes them.