Thursday, November 27, 2008

Increasingly, the future is NOW. Tomorrow, the future will be yesterday's news.

Via Drudge, I read a report that British security will be using software to scan the CCTV cameras they have trained on everyone in Britain. Software will single out suspicious behavior, and suspects may have to answer to the police. (The software had originally been tested here in the US. (U!S!A! U!S!A!)

Via Amba, I see a report that the Denver police department will be using brain scans to determine whether or not their officers have racial bias.

Soon they'll be able to watch everyone's every move in an effort to protect society from 'suspicious behavior'. And if someone is suspiciously un-suspicious, they will be able to scan that person's head to figure out what they're really up to - or at the very least, to determine if they have any unpopular 'biases' that may lead to dangerous behavior.

Fun world, huh?

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Icepick said...

Somehow, these stories make me think of a Bob Dylan song.