Sunday, November 02, 2008

One decision down, one to go.

I've changed my mind on the Presidential race. I'm definitely going to vote against Obama. What I haven't decided is whether or not Obama has done the impossible - has he convinced me to vote for McCain? I don't know the answer to that yet.

On the one hand, I disagree with Obama on most everything. But that would be true of any generic Democrat. But the views he discussed in the 2001 interview are anathema to me. (The interview in question was referenced in a prior post.) He values some concept of "social justice" above everything else, including personal liberty. (Wealth can only be redistributed if the state has absolute authority over every person's possessions. Hence there can not be, must not be, any restraints on state power. Hence, no personal liberty.) When I add the political thuggery, the financial cheating, and all the rest, to his political philosophy, I can't help but oppose him. But that doesn't mean an automatic vote for McCain.

Voting for McCain would (again) be rewarding the Republican Party. But not for choosing a good candidate, or even a flawed candidate with problems, but for choosing a terrible candidate. McCain's most redeeming characteristic as a candidate is that he ISN'T Barack Obama. In similar circumstances I have voted for similarly bad candidates. It didn't work out so well. Twice I voted for George W. Bush because the other options (Gore, Kerry) were dreadful. As a result, I encouraged the Republican Party to run liberal big government programs (Medicare Part D, for example) and to practice crony politics (see the career of Tom Delay). The result has not only been a party that lacks any true impulse for small government, but a party that has made such ideas look bad while doing the exact opposite.

By rewarding bad candidates in the past, I have begged for, and received, another lousy candidate. In addition, the party is about to be slaughtered in this election. The party will soon return to permanent minority status, if not complete irrelevancy. If the Dems get 60 Senators, they will be able to do as they whilst. That includes putting tens of millions of Americans on the welfare rolls (under the guise of tax reform), as well as destroying entire industries for ideological reasons. And let's not forget that Dems also want to end secret ballots for union organizing. How soon before they end secret ballots for all elections?

But the Dems would not be facing this political bounty if the Republicans had stood for anything other than getting re-elected by any lousy means necessary. So, can I reward them one last time (and would it be just one last time?) for failing to stand on principles in the past?

I don't know the answer to that, and I imagine that I will feel sick however I end up voting Tuesday. The absolute worst of it is that my vote DOES count, and probably more than that most who read this - I live in one of the two most important swing counties in the most important swing state. I don't have the luxury I had when living in Maryland of knowing that the state will go one way or another regardless of how I vote.

Add to this the shocking uniformity in my own family this election cycle. Everyone in my family that can vote is voting for McCain. Even my mother, who has never voted for a Republican for President before, has voted for McCain! (Yes, she has already voted, as has my wife.) And my sister has decided to vote for McCain as well - I think she may have voted for a Republican Presidential candidate once or twice, but I'm not positive about that.

Anyway, it's late and I'm tired. There's more to discuss, but I need to decide which points, if any, I can make publicly at this point. And before I can do that I need sleep, time to think, and perhaps time to write.


reader_iam said...

How did your sleep go?

Icepick said...

I slept well enough, once I went to bed. However I did stay up rather late killing monsters. And this morning I drove over to my mother's house, where a final decision (bad as it is) was made.

reader_iam said...

Oh, man ... .


Icepick said...

Um, not THAT kind of final decision! I only meant politics!