Saturday, January 03, 2009

An appropriate level of cynicism

Steve Sailer observes the careers of Michael F. Bennet and Barrack Obama and draws the correct conclusion:

Evidently, the point of being a public school reformer these days is to become known as a public school reformer, not to actually reform the public school.
Agnostic (of Dusk in Autumn and Gene Expression) has the first comment:
Great, Generation X is in charge of the Education and HUD departments.

I mean, they flocked to see Dangerous Minds when it came out -- how tough could it be to fix "underperforming" schools?

Simply divert most of the stimulus package to Teach for America, and let a thousand Michelle Pfeiffers bloom in the ghettos.
My wife also points out that one can get the moral credit as a public school reformer while sending one's own children to private schools.

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