Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Change you can believe in!

[Corrections: While writing this post the Obama White House site has added redirects that weren't there earlier. I will note changes in brackets.]

Obama is definitely The Man of Change. Already he has not given his staff a raise on their second full day on the job, and he has changed the White House website!

For example, the Millard Fillmore biography used to be at this address:

[They're good! While I was writing this post they put in a re-direct! That's some speedy change! This URL registered as an error when I started writing the post.]

Go ahead, try the link. It will take you to a semi-dead page. If you want to read the White bio of Millard Fillmore these days, you need to go to

That link will redirect you to the following URL:

That URL is much better!

The content also differs now. Take a look at this old cached version of the prior page. Note that the Obama White House uses a sinister looking close-up of old Millard, taken from an early photograph. But the old Bush White House web page used a nice full body portrait painted by George P. A. Healy. I'm guessing it's a partisan thing. (And who can blame him. Fucking Whigs....) Or perhaps Obama just hates the Compromise of 1850 that much.

Another noticeable difference is that the old Bush version included a link to biographical info about President Fillmore's wife, Abigail Powers Fillmore. (Link goes to the old cached version.) She was the first First Lady to have had a job after marriage, so she has some historical significance. The new version has no such link. Personally, I suspect sexism. First Obama screwed Hillary out of her rightful place as the First Woman President, and now this. Does his misogyny know no bounds?!

One can find the biography of Mrs. Fillmore on the new site, but one has to look for it. Let's compare the URLs. [Agains, re-directs have been added. I assume this is an automated feature.]

Under Bush:

Under Obama:

Again, more Change! However, several problems remain. On the old Bush White House website one could link directly from Millard Fillmore's biography to Abigail Powers Fillmore's biography. Secondly, the old version included a picture of the former First Lady, while the new version has none. Even the Wikipedia entry does better than that!

Thirdly, and most importantly, the new version lists incorrect years for her birth and death at the top of the entry! [I'll try and catch screen captures before they change it again.] According to Obama Nation she died when her husband was about two years-old. (I'm pretty sure that would have been considered pedophilia even then.) They don't even have the correct life span for her. Inexcusable sloppiness. I suppose Obama has the same fact checker working on this as he had working on the Inaugural Address. The person responsible doesn't deserve the raise that Obama isn't giving him.

I noticed at least one other problem with Obama's White House page: It lists Martha Jefferson as a former First Lady. The only problem is that she had died many, many years before Jefferson became President. Therefore she was never First Lady.

But don't let mere factual inaccuracies, inadequate links and sinister propaganda photos stop you from viewing it. Lest you think I'm being overly critical, let me point out some good things about Obama's page: It's all about him! The old version had W.'s name in the header at the top, as does Obama's version. Other than that many pages could have been used for any Administration. But Obama's version has much more about the current President on every page. Even the page about Millard Fillmore has lots of information telling us about Obama's fluffers servants courtiers staff, and directing us to wonderful propaganda information about everything that B. Hussien Barack H. Obama is doing to for us. It's a masterpiece of the humility for which Obama has become justly famous.

President Obama for Website Change You Can Believe In!

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