Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Orlando continues its descent into lawlessness

Early in the morning an Einstein Bagels shop was robbed in the College Park neighborhood. That's the neighborhood where our mayor lives. If the mayor can't keep his own neighborhood safe then what hope does the rest of the city have? And don't even get me started on unincorporated Orange County....

It's not that the Orlando crime rate is the highest in the country. The City of Baltimore, for example, has a much higher murder rate. But in Baltimore the violence is concentrated in a few bad neighborhoods. If you avoid those areas you will avoid almost all trouble. (Of course, if you live in those neighborhoods in Baltimore, you're fucked.) Not so here. While we have bad neighborhoods (believe me, I know, as my mother lives in one of the worst), the violence is spread out. No area is truly safe.

Which is why we have an increasing number of citizens taking up arms and shooting first. Hell, even the local newspaper has started to admit armed citizens killing the bad guys on sight may be the only solution. The police can't (or more likely won't) do a damned thing about the criminals. Although I expect that any day now they will start throwing people in jail for defending themselves.

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