Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Age of Competence indeed....

During Obama's management seminar on Monday our new Emperor put Charlie Rangel in charge of the breakout session on tax reform. Obama believes (or wants us to believe) that the second most corrupt man in Washington DC can actually fix the American Federal tax system. This is beyond farce.

ADDED: In his Not-A-State-of-the-Union-Address Address to Congress, Emperor Don't-you-dare-call-Him-Hussien claimed that Americans invented the automobile. Of course Germans invented the automobile, but don't worry. I'm sure His command of detail on every other subject is perfect.

Obama has decided to reform our energy policies. (A wonder that no one thought of that before.)He will also add a $600+ billion health care trust to the budget, give everyone an education through college, and reform the way government does everything. And He has declared that He will direct the government to cure cancer! My God Obama, is there anything He can't do?! Thank Obama that we have someone of His enormous intellect to figure these things out for us! All this while halving the budget deficit in four years!

Don't bother mentioning that President Carter made energy reform the center-piece of his Presidency. Or that Nixon got the ball rolling on cancer research back when Don't-you-dare-call-Him-Hussien still wiped snot off his nose with His bare hands.

Don't bother mentioning that the Medicare and Medicaid 'trusts' are already bankrupt; or that giving everyone a college degree will make college degrees even more worthless than they already are; or that it's impossible to believe that corrupt individuals like Charlie Rangel are best suited to reform the government that they helped corrupt in the first place; or that His efforts at efficiency come only AFTER He shoved an $800,000,000,000 crap sandwich down the throats of the tax payer; or that what He is claiming is mathematically and financially impossible.

Don't bother because no one wants to hear it. The nation has lost its mind. Or perhaps more than a century of 'public education' has completely destroyed the citizenry's capacity for thought. But now the public will only accept politicians who make assurances that all things are possible through government. This is how the American Experiment ends, not with a bang, but a whine of "Where's mine?"

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