Saturday, February 14, 2009

For the record...

The local drag races started at exactly 11:10 PM last night. Tonight the first race didn't start until 12:04 AM Saturday morning. That's a very late start for a Friday night. The first race may well have been fatal, as at 12:08 AM I heard multiple rescue sirens screaming to the scene of a race that stopped rather abruptly. Too bad the stupid-ass local law enforcement officers can't find the real speeders in this town.

At 12:10 AM the second drag race of the night started, and another just started at 12:12 AM. No doubt the police won't find them either even though they're all within earshot of the wreck at the first race.

And at 12:14 I'm hearing two separate races going at the same time. OutSTANDing!

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