Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fun for the whole Body Politick!

Donna B. has been moved to tears by the passage of the President's "stimulus" package.

The stimulus bill passed this evening was never read by a single Senator or Representative or by the President and his staff. No one person knows what the hell is contained in the full thing. I expect Obama to sign it Monday, not knowing having a clue what he is doing.

This is the reason for my tears tonight.
True to my alleged optimistic self I am looking at the brighter side.

It's a simple matter of looking at this from the right perspective: Don’t think of it as a gigantic spending bill, think of it as a magical mystery box instead! Imagine how much fun we’re going to have in the coming months and years discovering what’s been stashed in that Fantastick Federal Footlocker of Fabulist Fiscality! This is going to be the most funnest time we’ve ever had!