Thursday, February 12, 2009


Today I got a speeding ticket. I was going 39 in a 30 mph zone. Okay, that's a little fast. In my defence I was the only car on the road, and the deputy sheriff who stopped me was comfortable enough with the conditions to step in front of my car to wave me down. After he gave me the ticket I asked him if he would be there tonight when the gang-bangers will be drag racing up and down that road at 100+ mph. He said they sometimes work at night. I also asked him about the nightly drag races in Hunter's Creek. He walked away at that point.

(The drag races start most nights at 2 AM. The other nights start earlier still. Everyone in the county seems to know about these races except for local law enforcement. They seem mistified by all the accidents down here.)

Incidentally, the cops managed to pull over the only two white men in suits in all of Pine Hills while I was there. Actually, the other "white man in a suit" was an illegal immigrant who could not speak a word of English. Unfortunately for him he looked too much like Whitey.

This happened right around the corner from my mother's house. The house which was invaded last year. After the invasion, an eyewitness to the crime identified the home invaders. The sheriffs deputies working that night went to the house of the invaders, asked to look around inside, said they saw nothing suspicious, and LET THEM GO. No finger prints, no further investigation, not one lousy thing. The Orange County Sheriff's Department is absolutely fucking useless. Those assholes will NOT go after criminals unless they are forced to by media pressure. (Shockingly, they managed to catch two men who had raped an 11 year-old girl a few days ago. The only reason they were able to do it was because the wife of one of the rpaists figured out what happened and turned him in. The Sheriff's Office would have never pulled it off on their own.) Normally deputies sit around looking to hand out speeding tickets to make certain they can justify there existence. And you can be goddamned certain they won't pull over anyone dangerous looking. They have no intention of taking even the smallest risks unless absolutely necessary.

Now, if they WERE interested in crime I could direct them to several crack houses in the area. Or the illegal "car repair" shop just a few hundred feet from where I was pulled over. (It might be a small illegal (meaning unpermitted) car repair business, but I suspect it's a chop shop for stolen cars.) Or I could direct them to the guys that invaded my mother's house last spring. Oh, wait, they already know about those guys! Or maybe I could direct them to the guys across the street from the home invaders that breed pit bulls for dog fighting. (I know this because they put up signs in their front yard advertising that that is what they do.)

So, let's review, shall we? In my lifetime I have had the following encounters with Central Florida Law Enforcement.

In 1988, I was in a car accident. The Orange County Sheriff's Deputy that appeared at the scene of the accident was seen pulling me and my brother by the hair while screaming in our faces. Later at the emergency room the hospital staff had to have the Deputy restrained when he kept barging into the area I was in, pushing around nurses and grabbing charts out of the hands of doctors. I generally never mention this episode for the simple reason that I don't remember it. I had a severe concussion as a result of the accident and several days of my memory have been erased. But several credible witnesses (i.e., NOT my brother) told me about this when I had recovered. I didn't pursue the matter at the time because I was too beat up from the accident, so too my brother, and our mother was recovering from a bad illness of her own. Apparently the deputy was a friend of the person who had t-boned our car. He was attempting to claim that I had been drinking, probably in an effort to cover up the fact that his friend had been speeding. (Lucky for me they test the blood for that sort of thing. I had NOT been drinking. Oddly enough, when we later visited the car in the junkyard, the back seat was covered in empty beer cans. I know those weren't in the car when I was. I almost suspect they were in the other person's car and the deputy moved them over to try and cover up for his friend.)

Last year, my home was burglarized. Again, the Sheriff's office didn't manage to do anything in regards to capturing the thieves. They DID manage to stain the carpets and furniture with finger print dust, however.

Also last year, Mom's house was invaded. I covered that above.

Now, a ticket for me while ignoring lots of real crime. And not just in Pine Hills! Yesterday there was another armed robbery/shooting at a business on the corner of Orange Blossom Trail and Oak Ridge Road. That marked the fifteenth reported armed robbery with gunfire at that intersection in the last eight months. (And "reported" is an important distinction. At a corner like that, there might be a couple of armed robberies a week that don't get reported. The hookers and drug dealers don't want to get caught by the police so they let all that slide.) As I've written elsewhere, the citizens have taken to defending themselves recently, because they know the police will not help them under any circumstances.


blake said...

Well, come on, your problem here is thinking the cops are there to protect you versus collect revenue for the state.

Icepick said...


Did you have to hit me with the Clue Bat that hard??!

blake said...

Sorry, Icepick, sometimes it's better to rip the bandage with one fast motion.