Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The most amazing thing about the Obama Administration [Update]

I am amazed how many organizations and people have been willing to completely compromise their ethical standards to suck up to the Obama Administration. Of course we know the press has been completely in the tank for Obama from the get-go, and have refused to seriously question or investigate him on any matter. Yesterday I noted that human rights groups are now okay with torture, just so long as the Obama Administration calls it rendition. (Spare me the technicalities from Obama apologists around the web - rendition has no point unless one wants to have people tortured at one's behest.) [UPDATE: At least one liberal has stuck to his guns on this issue.] Today I read that many anti-lobbyist groups and anti-lobbyist crusaders are okay will Obama completely violating his anti-lobbyist campaign pledges.

ADDED: This article actually contains a real golden nugget of truth. In passing it makes the true goal of many of the anti-lobbyist lobbyists known:

Fred Wertheimer of Democracy21 is one of Washington's best-known advocates of more open and honest government. He called Obama's executive order "unprecedented and almost revolutionary in nature" and "a direct attack on the culture of Washington and the way business is done here."

"A few waivers will not undermine it," he said, provided they are justified and limited.

The best way to limit the influence of wealthy special interests, Wertheimer said, is to increase public funding for presidential elections and restrict the amount that private business can pump into campaigns and politics. That could pave the way for tighter restrictions on influence-peddling in Congress, he said.
The goal is to have a political process that is entirely government controlled - they don't want outside competition. If that sounds like the end of political liberty, it is - because the guys on the inside will never allow truly free elections again. One slight problem with the plan: Obama doesn't use public campaign financing. As always though, HE gets a pass.
Obama declined public financing for his campaign so he could raise and spend hundreds of millions of dollars on his own. Some people saw that a virtual death knell for campaign public financing, but Wertheimer said he believes Obama will deliver on aides' promises to help "repair the system."
In other words, it's just like Daschle and Geithner being allowed to be tax cheats, or Obama being allowed to do things the mere suggestion of which will get Rod Blagojevich thrown in jail. The in-crowd with the government apparatchiks will always get a free pass.

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