Monday, February 23, 2009

Some how, some way, we will find a dumber way of doing things....

The George W. Bush Presidency was the MBA Presidency. Those of us who have toiled in Corporate America should easily recognize that fact, although perhaps not everyone will understand exactly how that translated into the mistakes of the Bush Presidency.

But now we have someone else in the Oval Office, and the era of the MBA Presidency seems to have passed into history. Unfortunately that just means we will have to endure some other horror. Today I realized what that would be.

President Obama had a budget summit with members of Congress today. He came out and lectured the legislators that we can't continue down the current path. He blamed his predecessor for all manner of problems. He insisted that we needed to do things in a better, more intelligent manner. And then he had the assembled Congress Critters split up into smaller work groups. These groups were to spend the afternoon 'brainstorming' for better ways for the government to take care of its fiscal and budgetary responsibilities. These groups would then reassemble late in the afternoon to share their ideas.

Now one could remark on all manner of points. For example, don't these legislators, most of whom have been in DC for years, already know how things should be done? If so, why haven't they done these things in the recent past? Shouldn't OBAMA, having been a US Senator in the very recent past, also know these things?

Further, given that Democrats ran the previous Congress, shouldn't their leaders also share the blame for the past two years of fiscal and budgetary fiascoes? Apparently Obama is blaming Bush for all the budgetary woes of recent years. Doesn't this one-time law school lecturer on CONLAW know that all taxing and spending powers rest solely with Congress?

Or perhaps one could have listened to this and wondered exactly how long this Congress was going to be President Obama's bitch lap dog? Sooner or latter they will get tired of his pissy schoolmarm scoldings, and will re-assert their authority over this supremely arrogant upstart.

Those points flashed through my head but had little impact. What struck me was the breakout groups, the brainstorming, and the shared ideas at the end of the day. We have moved from the MBA Presidency to the Management Seminar Presidency. God help us all.

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