Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thank God the news media is covering the stories that matter

Currently the feature story on CNN:

Air Force One is one 'spiffy ride,' Obama says

Highlights from the story:

The president, who has made several trips around the country in Air Force One, was particularly excited during his first trip on the plane as commander in chief when he flew recently to the House Democrats' annual retreat in Williamsburg, Virginia.

"Thanks for giving me a reason to fly Air Force One," he told the House Democrats after his flight, which took him away from a week of fighting for the economic stimulus bill.
Nice way to spend tax payer money, President Spendthrift! Was it really necessary to take Air Force One to go from DC to Williamsburg? The distance is ~250 miles. Surely Marine One or a car trip would have saved the tax payers some money.

But the President doesn't really think of it as tax payer money - he thinks it's all his.
"Hey guys, what do you think of my -- this spiffy ride here?" the president asked the group of reporters traveling with him on the presidential plane.
The press won't call him on this because they are so excited to be this close to the Imperator.
Riding aboard Air Force One is a treat for the president, but also for the reporters covering the White House, said CNN's Ed Henry.

"I'm always amazed that every time someone finds out what my job is, without fail, their first question is: 'Do you get to fly on Air Force One?' " Henry said. "There is a wonder and mystery about this plane that is just remarkable."
When the revolution comes, these guys will be first up against the wall....

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