Tuesday, February 03, 2009


The nerve of some people! From Andrew Sullivan:

And enough with the complaints that the GOP has become the Party of No. That's their job. I'm immensely relieved that the Republicans, for obviously cynical reasons, have yet begun to re-earn their total-fiscal-asshole status. I want my Republican party complaining about spending and borrowing. I want them delaying a little and quibbling over every line. It's when they played the Rove-Bush bribe-the-electorate-with-your-grandkids'-money that I got off the bus.

So it's great to have you negative whiners, obstructers and and [sic] skinflints back. I missed you guys. We all did. [Italics in the original, bolding added.]
Is he serious? Sullivan supported Obama in the last election. In no way shape or form can one claim to support Obama AND claim to be against profligate governmental spending and power. Obama made it very clear that he wants the government to run the country's health care industries, and the country's finance industries. Obama also wants to dictate every last detail to the nation's energy industries, and the transportation industries. That's his whole program! Obama has also made it clear that the government cannot spend too much money for his tastes. Yet Sullivan now claims to be for fiscal restraint! Moreover, he is NOW claiming that the party he very publicly turned his back on is once again his party. Unbelievable!

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