Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Conversational Snippet: The Bob Newhart Show Edition

Tonight Kim and I heard the following exchange on TBHS. Jerry has been depressed because his girlfriend dumped him, and his friend Carol is attempting to help him work off the aggravation. (Just ignore the global warming. Why shouldn't you? The climate has.)

Carol:And I know exactly what you're going through, trust me.
Jerry: Oh yeah? Have you ever been thrown over for a 22 year-old guy?
Carol: As a matter of fact, yes.
Kim: Could they say that back then?
Me: Yes. You could say all kinds of things on TV back then. Oddly enough the country has become more prudish while simultaneously becoming more vulgar.
Kim: Oh, you mean like the way we've simultaneously infantalized and sexualized children.
Me: Exactly. [pause] Our country has gotten really fucked up in the last few decades.

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