Sunday, March 08, 2009

Soon to be deleted Comment Madness

Over at Dave Schuler's blog I've left a comment (directed at Michael Reynolds) that I fully expect to be deleted. Here it is, with some links that I should have put in the original.

I will not gamble with a man who has claimed that I am worse than a Nazi for supporting lower marginal tax rates. You are a lying sack of excrement, and only marginally better of a "human being" than the armed thugs who invaded my mother's house last year. Incidentally, they were also Obama supporters. Say "Hi" to them at the next meeting for me.

I understand that 6 weeks is a very, very long time. For my kids. But I wonder if we might not agree that repairing the staggering damage done to this country and this economy by members of your party might take just a bit longer.

Typical of an Obama supporter. (When they aren't robbing little old ladies at gun point, that is. But I guess that was okay, because my Mom is just a "typical white person" and I know how you Obamabots hate "typical white people".)

You have not addressed one single issue. You claimed that Obama would be competent, and that his Administration would be as well. Well, Obama nominated a tax cheat to oversee the economy and the IRS on the claim that Geithner was the ONLY man for the job. Despite Geithner being an experienced insider, and having plenty of lead time, he hasn't even been able to name his staff. Where's the competence there? Or is that failure also the fault of Rush Limbaugh?

Geithner has also not been able to do the ONE thing he said he would do, and the one thing he NEEDS to do. He was supposed to have a bank rescue plan before Congress WEEKS ago. Where is it? Is that also Limbaugh's fault, or is it Karl Rove's? (I'm sure it's another one of those evil "typical white people" whose guts you hate.)

Where's the competence at the State Department that can't even translate one single word correctly?

Where’s the competence with a President who claims that we’ll have six percent economic growth in the future to HALVE the size of the budget deficit?

Address what's happened in the last six weeks, asshole. You won't though, because that would require that you actually engage in honest debate, and you are as incapable of honesty as you are of any basic human decency.

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