Friday, March 27, 2009

Spats (1996 - 2009)

Another bad day. We had to take Spats in to be euthanized today. A month to the day after Pistachio had died we discovered that Spats was dying of cancer. She had been slowly whithering away these last few months, and a couple of days ago she stopped eating altogether. Her decline was quick, but not so fast that she wasn't likely to last a few more days. So we gave her the last mercy we could.

I am sure that over the coming years Kim and I will have many more cats, and I'm sure we'll love them all. But Pistachio and Spats will always be first in our hearts.

Kim told the story of how we came to adopt Pistachio:

In July 1998, T and I moved into a new apartment, one that allowed pets. I had grown up with cats and had been looking forward to getting a kitten to add to my and T's new family.

Being conscious of pet issues and such, T and I knew we were going to get our new pet from a shelter. Gainesville Pet Rescue had a great reputation, and we decided to make their organization our first stop. Like any good rescue organization, they had several kittens to choose from. We looked at them, and they were all very cute. But seeing how tiny they were and how much work raising a kitten would require, we realized weren't quite sure we would be good parents to a kitten.

The rescue worker understood out concerns and asked how we would feel about an adult cat. Then she showed us Pistachio. Pistachio was a full-grown female, about two years old. She had a beautiful calico/tortoise coat and the greenest eyes I had ever seen. The rescue worker told us she had been with them for about two months. They were have problems adopting her out because she was an adult and most people wanted kittens. They opened her cage to let me pet her. I scratched her under her chin, and she curled her head into my hand. I was in love instantly.
The first few weeks with Pistachio were great. But as we both transitioned into spending more time at school we became worried that Pistachio was getting lonely. So we went to the same place we had found Pistachio and adopted a second cat, Spats.

From Pistachio's point of view we could not have done worse, but Spats also found a home in our household, especially with Kim. Spats & Pistachio were very different cats (Spats being part jackaloupe) but they complimented each other well, Pistachio's irritation notwithstanding. (Pistachio and I shared this personality trait: we both always seem to be irritated. If it hadn't been Spats's presence that bothered her it would have been something else.)

I am just too burned out at the moment to do either of them justice, but Pistachio & Spats will both be sorely missed in the future. I'm sorry we couldn't have more time together, kittens.

Addendum: The hardest part is that the house now feels empty. It's been years since we didn't have our girls waiting for us when we came home. The only reason the house hasn't felt more empty than it has, with Pistachio's absence, has been because of our concern for Spats. But Kim's napping now, and the house just feels empty with them gone. When we moved back to Florida, the girls moved into our new place before the furniture did. A house with cats and no furniture felt friendlier than a house with furniture and no cats does now.


Hurricane Heather said...

No words.
Just hugs and tears and prayers.
Your pal.

Donna B. said...

I'm so sorry.

Hurricane Heather said...

In the confusion of the last several weeks, I lost your and JK's new email addresses. Can you email them to me??? I have good news....