Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Glitch in the System

A post coming whenever I get around to writing it.

Sunday, October 04, 2009


Listening to ABC's coverage of the Oklahoma-Miami game tonight I heard the announcers (Brent Musburger and I think the other was Kirk Herbstreit but I'm not sure of that) start to yammer about that Favre jerk. Turns out Favre has now been a starting QB for just over 17 years, since he played his first game as a starter on September 27, 1992.

Brent started asking his partner trivia questions such as "Who were the starting QBs for the Universities of Miami and Oklahoma when Favre made his first start?" Then they put up a graphic and mentioned some other items from 9/27/1992 such as which song was #1, which movie was #1, etc. Then they mentioned that Bill Clinton was President. I had to check the TV to see if their graphic really said that. Sure enough, it did.

Is it me or does the quality of pretty much everything in this country seem to be on the decline in recent years? Perhaps it is just my impending fogeydom, but I don't think so.

(And just in case anyone reading this doesn't understand the title of the post....)