Friday, January 08, 2010


Alabama won the BCS National Championship Game tonight, edging out Texas. The game was actually much closer than the final score might indicate (37-21), and one has to wonder if Texas would have won if Colt McCoy hadn't been knocked out of the game. Regardless, the SEC has won another National Championship. In the BCS Era the SEC has been THE dominant conference, winning all six National Championship Games in which it competed. For those not keeping track at home, the SEC has won the last four National Championships in a row.

A couple of years ago I sat down and worked out the stats on how the various conferences had fared in the BCS title game. Unfortunately I didn't blog that info at the time. I probably left it in an email or a comment on someone else's blog. Fortunately for me someone at Wikipedia has updated the work for me in the meantime, and made the helpful chart seen below:

Besides the perfection of the SEC, three other results stand out. First, only one other conference has won more than a single title, the Big 12 with two wins. Second, the Big 12 has lost two-and-a-half times as many as it has won - five loses! Third, only one other conference has even hit 50%, and that's the PAC 10 with a 1-1 record. In other words, no other conference is even close.

One other result stands out for the truly observant. Save for a horrible call and some bad luck, the Big East would actually be 2-1 and the Big Ten 0-3. Them teams from the upper mid-west ain't all they're cracked up to be.

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Added: Something else caught my attention. Three of the conferences have been completely dominated by one team. If a PAC 10 team plays for the title, it is USC. For the ACC it has been FSU (a good reminder for those that forget how dadgum good Bobby Bowden was as a coach), and the Big Ten only sends Ohio State. That makes two of those conferences (PAC 10 and Big Ten) look awfully thin, at least at the elite level.

The ACC doesn't look as thin for two reasons. First, the Big East's two championship contenders have now switched conferences and joined the ACC. Second, it's going to be a while before ANY of those teams compete at the championship level again. They're not thin, they're anorexic! And the Big East currently does not have one single team that has played for the BCS title. They're not thin, they're dead!

Note that this also points out the depth of the SEC - it's the only conference to have had four teams play for the BCS title, and all four have won. The Big 12 has had three teams compete for the title, with only two winners.

All this doesn't mean that the SEC Champion should automatically be placed in the championship game. But it makes a good case that Auburn really got screwed in 2004.

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