Thursday, November 25, 2010

Two observations about the local economy

The following two observations are anecdotal but still indicative of what's going one in the Orlando area.

Driving through downtown Orlando yesterday (on I-4) I noticed that there were no construction cranes up at the moment. There haven't been since the completion of the new arena downtown a few months ago and there probably won't be any more anytime soon. By way of comparison I could count 13 before losing track when driving through downtown in 2005.

Last week I took our Camry down to a Toyota dealership for maintenance. I noticed several things. First, they have a lot more used cars on the lot than in the past. Second, most of the used cars were trucks or SUVs. The dealership mostly sells Camrys and Corollas, so this is another sign of people scaling back their lives. Third, the dealership only sometimes does the complementary car wash now, and they've discontinued the free pastries for their customers in the waiting area.

I give thanks for our robust recovery.

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