Thursday, March 10, 2011


I'm planning on writing an actual post to tie the links together. (It probably won't get written, but what the Hell.) But I'm going to try an experiment. I'll publish the links now and see if anyone wants to provide their own commentary. Not that anyone reads this site anymore.

Links for later

Several at

Most notably the one about jobs growing at 700 per month for Florida from January 2010 to January 2011. I know, I already mentioned that story in the prior post, but still!

About the lousy jobs that are returning in this "recovery".

Concerning the terrible problems rich people have, like deciding who picks up the check at the restaurant.


about the growing number of homeless children.

There really are two Americas now. Those last two links give a good indication as to the differing concerns.

ADDED: And then there's this:

So, to recap, there aren't enough jobs, and the ones that exist increasingly don't pay enough. Our Lords and Masters in Washington and NYC continue to turn the country (on hesitates to call it a nation anymore) into one of the Third World variety.

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