Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just when you think it couldn't get more sickening...

... it comes to this. (Via the Orlando Sentinel.)

Money for abstinence, but not dying kids?

Turns out the Florida state legislature has turned down federal money for items such as aid for the disabled, money to fund programs for seniors who couldn’t afford their medicine, and hospice care for dying children from needy families. They turned down the money on principle, because it was funded through the mis-named ObamaCare bill. They turned down the money despite having initially REQUESTED the money.

But hey, they took a stand on principle, right? Wrong. Because they DID accept money through the same funding source for ABSTINENCE EDUCATION in public schools.

Meanwhile, the state legislators pay $8 a month for their health insurance – that’s it. Not a deal any of us peons will ever get.

They really do want the poor to die faster, and to stop breeding altogether. It just couldn’t be any more blatant than that.

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