Thursday, September 27, 2012

Come on, fellas, you're losing your heads!

Time for some fun! First, one of the all time great spoofs, from Pinky and the Brain, "Yes, always!" This spoofs one of the all-time great episodes of celebrity pissyness, from the incomparable Orson Welles. The Pinky and the Brain spoof is a little bit better just because the audio is clearer. No one does Welles better than Welles, but the sound quality really makes the difference. (Maurice Lamarche (Brain) does a great Welles, though!)

 Speaking of celebrity meltdowns, another one of the all time great melt-downs comes to us from Paul Anka. Sample: "The guys get shirts! Don't make a FUCKIN' maniac out of me!"

I'll put my favorite line in the comments, so as not to spoil anyone's fun!


Icepick said...

Best line from Paul Anka: "And when I fucking move, I slice like a fucking hammer."

Janis Gore said...

I can't get the thing to post, so now I can refer to you.

Thank you, hon.

Janis Gore said...

What's the html formula for getting these things to post?

Either I never knew, or in my current frenzy I have forgotten it.

Icepick said...

It would look like this:

< a href="[URL here]" >whatever you want to show the link < /a >

Eliminate the space before the 'a' in the first one, and both the spaces in < /a >

Icepick said...

Oh, and the space after the second parenthesis.

Janis Gore said...

I thought I had been doing that. I haven't been having problems at the other site.

But then my mind's been on more immediate things. Time to change the plugs on the rose lamps.

And get this beef stew started. It's a rainy day here.