Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Goddamned NFL and the Dirtiest Team in Football History

So I'm watching the New Orleans Saints at the Green Bay Packers. The officials have now blown four calls, all in New Orleans favor. One missed offensive pass interference, one missed personal foul, one missed defensive pass interference and they erroneously called an incomplete pass a completed pass even after reviewing the call. I'm wondering which of the officials has money on the Saints. Bring back the replacement refs!

And then in the worst play of the game one of the Saints defenders sticks his fingers into the eye-sockets of Aaron Rodgers and tries to rip them out of his head. That was the most blatant attempt to injure another player I've seen in years. And it DID knock Rodgers out of the game for a few critical plays, leading directly to a New Orleans touchdown.

That's seventeen points for the Saints off of blown calls and blatant cheating.

Let's not forget that New Orleans is the team whose head coach is suspended for a year and whose former defensive coordinator is suspended indefinitely because they got caught coaching their players to intentionally injure players on opposing teams. Clearly the coaches that are still there, as well as the players, are still the dirtiest team in the league and blatant cheaters. Close down the whole fucking franchise.

One last note, Rodgers, back in the game, just threw an interception. He'd been on fire prior to having that scumbag cheater from New Orleans try to rip his eyes out. He clearly shouldn't be in the game.

No doubt tomorrow the sycophants in the media will completely ignore the blatant cheating by New Orleans (hey, they ignored it before, until someone from outside the usual circle caught them red-handed on film), and not a peep will be said about the officiating.

Goddamn, sometimes I wonder why I still watch this league. It's gotten to be as unwatchable as the NBA.

ADDED: There were two more egregious calls later in the game, including a clear fumble on a kick-off. Again, those calls went the way of the Saints. However, justice was served when Green Bay held on for a one point victory. It appears (two days later) that Rodgers hasn't suffered any serious damage to his eyes.

As for my prediction, the media had to mention a couple of the blown calls (the offensive pass interference call and the blown fumble) but mostly tried to ignore the fiasco. I haven't seen any mention of the completely dirty nature of the play against Rodgers, or mention of the fact that the Saints were hitting Packers players in the head all day long.

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