Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Political Signage Reporting

In Winter Garden over the weekend I saw two Romney stickers - actually one Romney and one "Mitt" sticker. I just started noticing the "Mitt"stickers this last week. They're generally smaller, and one of them is a ribbon style sticker. I may have been missing those. People may be using those because of the reports of cars getting keyed if they've got Romney stickers. Only one Obama sticker in WG over the weekend, and that was on a hot dog cart in the farmers market. (He'd almost certainly do better business without that and the Kerry 2004 stickers, but he apparently does get some business because he keeps coming back.)

Today in the Altamonte Mall parking lot it was 2 to 1 Romney over Obama. That's an absolute count. Like I've said, there still isn't that much enthusiasm compared to four years ago.

Today I finally drove through College Park. CP has two main one-way streets that cut through residential areas, Smith and Princeton. (Other street names include Harvard, Yale, etc. Picking up a theme?) Four years ago I drove those two streets almost daily through the election season as that was my favorite route from my house to my mother's house. Over time the numbers along the two main streets ended up being 10 to 6 on average, Obama over McCain.* Today on those streets it was 4 to 3 in absolute numbers, O over R. Driving around some of the other streets R had an overall lead of 7 to 5.

Support for Obama is definitely DOWN. Some of the signs were almost hidden up near the houses in foliage instead of down at the street. I didn't see any Romney signs like that. Also, several yards had signs up for local races. Those yards were almost exclusively supporting Democrats, and most of them did NOT have signs up for Obama. They may or may not still vote for him (probably will) but they are not feeling the love.

The strangest thing I saw was at least three signs for Alan Grayson, firebrand puke, carpetbagger, scumbag thief, and former Congressman from this area. He's trying to get back to Congress, this time from District 9. (He doesn't live in District 9, but that doesn't matter by Florida law. I'm not sure he could find anything in town other than a light pole, but that's another set of issues entirely.) District 9 does NOT include College Park. Grayson's support in that area is interesting, as is the fact that NONE of the houses that had a  Grayson sign had an Obama sign. The enthusiasm on the left**  is not that strong for Obama this time around, at least not in Orange County.

Obama's only hope in Orange County is for a low turnout. Given that we have a strong Tea Party presence down here I'm betting that at least the R's will be organized and ready to go.

* Like I've mentioned, I saw lots of evidence of sign stealing and other skullduggery in 2004. There's no way I'm going to bother driving through there enough this time to keep track of that.

** Grayson is to the left of Stalin, but without the charm, manners and good grace.


Janis Gore said...

You're a pretty darn good reporter.

Icepick said...

Thanks. I just drive around and look at what I see. In some cases I can compare it to last time, in some cases I can't.