Tuesday, October 02, 2012

With friends like these ....

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Naked man kidnapped, robbed by friends, deputies say

Six Osceola County residents are behind bars after deputies say they kidnapped and robbed a friend then left him naked in Kissimmee early Saturday morning.

Osceola County Sheriff's deputies say the victim agreed to give friends, 18-year-old Lindsey Saucedo and 33-year-old Rosa DeJesus and their two friends 20-year-old Stephen Batista and 24-year-old Frederick Rodriguez, a ride around 2:45 a.m. Saturday.

Deputies did not say where they five were headed, but along the way, investigators say Batista and Rodriguez pulled out weapons and demanded the driver give them money.

Shortly after the demands, the victim ran out of gas, and the five abandoned the car and walked to meet up with two others — 35-year-old Crystal Gonzalez and 18-year-old Abraham Buil.

After all seven met, they drove to two local banks and forced the victim to withdraw money, deputies said. They also took his personal items, including his clothing.

They ditched the naked victim on McLaren Circle in Kissimmee, where he walked to a Wawa store on Orange Blossom Trail to report the crime.

Deputies caught up to the six suspects.

All six were booked into Osceola County Jail and face charges of armed robbery, conspiracy and kidnapping charges.
You can get a look at the perps here.

On the Sentinel website larryboy77 comments: "you can plan and plan and plan the perfect crime and something can still go wrong"

NOTE: I do have a couple of better posts I'm working on, but the last three days have not been conducive to writing. Nothing like not having a properly functioning toilet in the house to induce writer's block!

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