Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Romney Signs in the Hood!

Today I've seen several Romney signs around Pine Hills and not just at the polling places. My polling place had a couple of Romney signs and a BUNCH of Obama signs. The polling station over on Clarcona-Ocoee Road had nothing but Romney signs. That's on the fringe of Pine Hills and probably serves Clarcona, Lockhart and Rosemont.

And not only have I seen Romney signs on the roadsides, but two houses _in_my_neighborhood_ have put up Romney signs. Here's a photo of one of them:

That's a "FIRE OBAMA" sign on the left, a "MACK for Senate" sign in the middle, and a "Romney/Ryan" sign on the right in front of the blue & silver pick-up.

At the second house the owner was out working on his porch. I got out and shook his hand for having the guts to do it. He's lived here for 43 years.

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