Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dog Update

The dogs finally got their teeth into someone this morning. They jumped a fence to attack someone's pet and the woman of the house got bit trying to save her dog. (My understanding is that she wasn't too badly injured.) The husband chased the dogs off with a baseball bat and fortunately an Animal Services officer was up the street. The husband got the AS Officer, she called in a couple of Sheriff deputies, and two of the three dogs were removed.

Naturally, my neighbor is blaming me for this. He vows to get his dogs back. (Left unspoken is that he intends to let them loose again.) I left out the part where the dogs have possibly mauled and/or killed a cat, that they were tearing up my car again, and that they were trying to come through my front door to get at my family.

Despite it all, this is a good day, and hopefully, later, we will be taking my daughter to her first movie. They were supposed to be at the theater by now, but the stuff with Animal Services and the Sheriff deputies took too long to make the early showing. Alas!

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