Thursday, May 15, 2014

Squirrel of the Week Nominations

Hillary Clinton's brain/Karl Rove's mouth
Boko Haram
Michael Sam
Donald Sterling
Aaron Hernandez

None of these names are really quite doing it. This week needs some more sizzle.

Oh, and then there's

War on Women/Jill Abramson


edutcher said...

I think Rove called it, no squirrel.

From the comments at the time she was having those falls, Hillary is in no shape to run, much less serve. Rove just freshened the issue.

Willie trying to save his Third Term may qualify as a squirrel.

Icepick said...

A great deal of the commentary has been about Karl Rove being a jerk, which is complete squirrel territory. As is Hillary's brain at this point, as she isn't officially running for anything yet.