Friday, June 27, 2014

New study: Since 2000, all US job growth has gone to immigrants

Here's a link to the study.

Here's a link to a summary.

From the second link:

Other significant findings include:
  • Because the native-born population grew significantly, but the number working actually fell, there were 17 million more working-age natives not working in the first quarter of 2014 than in 2000.
  • The share of natives working or looking for work, referred to as labor force participation, shows the same decline as the employment rate. In fact, labor force participation has continued to decline for working-age natives even after the jobs recovery began in 2010.
  • Immigrants have made gains across the labor market, including lower-skilled jobs such as maintenance, construction, and food service; middle-skilled jobs like office support and health care support; and high­er-skilled jobs, including management, computers, and health care practitioners.
  • The supply of potential workers is enormous: 8.7 million native college graduates are not working, as are 17 million with some college, and 25.3 million with no more than a high school education.
Remember all this when our lords and masters feed you that line of bullshit about not having enough native labor to do the jobs. If that were true, wages would be rising, but the opposite has been occurring. It's the people running the country, people like Obama and Bush (pick one), Boehner and Pelosi, Reid and McConnell, and all the big money behind them, such as Buffet, Zuckerberg and Soros, against most of the rest of the country. 

Unfortunately both parties have enough stooges and useful idiots that we can't get any real change in the direction of the country.

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