Sunday, August 31, 2014

Squirrel of the Week: Wait for it ... Wait for it ....

For the week of 8/24/2014 to 8/30/2014

This week I briefly thought the Brangelina marriage wold be the squirrel. But then, Joan River's collapsed! Surely THAT would be the squirrel.

But no, it was not to be. Showing how he dominates the US media (but little else), Obama provided his own squirrel this week:

The tan suit.APTOPIX Obama-Tan Suit
(AP Photo/Evan Vucci, file)

The suit obscured Obama's comments about the wars in Ukraine, Iraq and Syria, possible US involvement in those wars, the threat of terrorism to Americans abroad and at home. It especially obscured the fact that his comments undercut his State Department, Defense Department and his intelligence agencies.

The President also admitted he didn't have a strategy for dealing with ISIS. 

But the only thing that mattered was the tan suit.

What the Hell happened to America?

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