Thursday, November 20, 2014

A case where the headline says it all

Obama’s Amnesty Will Add As Many Foreign Workers As New Jobs Since 2009

Well, the headline doesn't quite say it all, as the article is rather good. Here's an additional nugget worth pointing out:
Each year, the nation accepts one million new [legal] immigrants, or roughly five million since 2009. That total includes roughly 3.5 million working-age immigrants, which is slightly less than the number of Americans — 4.3 million — who turn 18 each year.

Also, companies annually hire roughly 450,000 blue-collar guest workers and roughly 200,000 white-collar guest workers. Most of these guest workers stay for less than a year, but many stay for six years. [emphasis added]
 And he didn't even kiss us.

One final bit:
The surplus of domestic and foreign job-seekers also helps ensure that U.S. median wages have flat-lined since 2000. Economists — including Obama’s top economic adviser — say that wages stall when the labor supply is larger than the supply of new jobs.
So remember that they known goddamned well & good what they're doing to American workers by opening the floodgates even wider for more immigration. It works to reduce employment and wages for the native born.

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