Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Squirrel of the Week: [Vacant]

For the week of 9/21/2014 to 9/27/2014

No squirrel last week, unless it was Becky.

Squirrel of the Week: It distracted me so much I forgot to blog it.

For the week of 9/14/2014 to 9/20/2014

 I done forgot all about it. Having too much fun cutting stuff down and playing chess.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Squirrel of the Week: Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner

For the week of 9/7/2014 to 9/13/2014

This is disheartening. I'm not sure I've ever seen a dumber media frenzy than this one. People are madder at Goodell for punishing Ray Rice than they are at Ray Rice for knocking out his girlfriend and dragging her around by the hair.

They're mad at Goodell for meting out punishment and have no problem with the fact that the government did NOTHING about this save assign some counseling. Gee, would I rather go to prison, or get counseling? Would I rather pay a fine, or get counseling? Would I rather wear one of those ugly orange jumpers and pick up trash on the side of the road as my community service, or get counseling?

And worst of all, when the public got mad about all this, it was over a video that showed NOTHING that wasn't already known. Months back the story was that Rice hit his then fiancee (and now wife) knocking her out cold, and dragged her around by the hair. This is what the video showed. Nothing new was learned by the publication of the video. But NOW people are getting worked up about this. Unbelievable.

Worse, many other players in the NFL, both current and former, have committed worse acts that aren't getting any play at all. I think Donte Stallworth killing someone while driving drunk is probably more serious than the Ray Rice incident, but you wouldn't know it from the reaction of the public right now. Stallworth was suspended for one season. Rice has been suspended indefinitely.

And it has been particularly revolting to see Ray Lewis and Trent Dilfer comment on the matter. Ray Lewis was charged with two counts of murder many years back. He and two friends were involved in an incident in Buckhead Georgia which resulted in two much smaller men being stabbed to death. Lewis and his friends were all indicted. Lewis eventually plead guilty to obstruction of justice and testified against his friends in order to get the charges dropped. His friends later got off anyway.

Trent Dilfer was Lewis's teammate. Dilfer now talks about how he couldn't play with someone like Rice. Lewis talks about he is a much better person than Rice and wouldn't want to be teammates with him. They're both full of shit.

Ultimately, this is moral outrage as a positional good. People are feeling better about themselves by being more outraged than their neighbors. What a load of horse shit.

I wanted to write something more in depth about this matter, but ultimately I just can't get over the stink of the rank hypocrisy and phony moral outrage that surrounds this and related matters. You know it's all bullshit, because very little outrage is being directed at people who have done worse, but are now lauded for what exemplary human being they are. (Ray Lewis was the face of the NFL his last few seasons in the league, and is now one of ESPN's most notable TV stars.)

Further, you get cases like US District Judge Mike Fuller. Just look that one up for yourself. You will find that the Senators demanding that Goodell be fired for not doing enough to punish Ray Rice are doing nothing about a federal judge who beat the Hell out of his wife. Not only are they not taking care of the import matters of war and economics that fall within their purview, they're not even going after the wife beater that only they, as a constitutional matter, can go after. They won't even mention it. Worst Congress ever.

I just can't write more about this, as it just makes me sick to my stomach, both for the crimes at the heart of the matter, and the way they're being handled and manipulated by the elites of the country in order to distract from small matter like war. Revolting.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Correcting little old ladies

At the time I'm writing this, about 2:20 PM on Thursday September 11, 2014, CNN's top stories include a story about a local police matter in Missouri, TWO about whether or not the NFL saw a video of one of its players KTFOing his girlfriend, a story about an obscure king-maker in South Carolina's Presidential Primary of 2016, another story about a big solar storm headed this way, another account reminiscing what it was like to be with President Bush on 9/11/2001, and only then a story about Obama's proposed new war in Iraq and Syria.

Really, it couldn't be more revolting to follow US news outlets these days. It's not like everything is going well and there's nothing else to talk about.

The old lady was wrong: it's nothing but squirrels all the way down.

[Set to publish much later tonight.]

A new family motto

The old family motto came from a comment by my mother:

We're not crazy; we're just mean.

Too true. But since I've either disowned my family or been disowned by them (and good riddance either way), I want a new motto. Today, in a text to my wife, I may have hit upon it.

If I'm going to be a fluffy pink poodle with purple sequins, I'm going to do it the right way.

Context might help you understand it, but why worry about that? Should probably make it first person plural, though....

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Trent Dilfer is a Tool

Watched the San Diego-Arizona game Monday night. Got to hear Trent Dilfer talk about the Ray Rice situation, and how he tells the children he coaches that they need to win on the field and off.

This from a man who has a Super Bowl ring because he played with a man who admitted that he attempted to help two friends get away with murder. That's what he admitted to - e may well have been the killer himself.

The moral preening around the Ray Rice case is particularly disgusting. More on that later.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

A PSA about PSA Tests....

September is National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. My wife, Kim, has asked me to broadcast this information. More than a decade ago she lost her father to prostate cancer, so this matter is near and dear to her heart.

So to all the gentleman, and other males, out there, go get a finger shoved up your ass by a professional. It might just save your life. And it might spare your daughters, wives, sons and other loved ones from a feeling of loss due to your absence.


PSA = Public Service Announcement

PSA Test = Prostate-Specific Antigen Test, a blood test to help detect prostate cancer; used in conjunction with Digital Rectal Exams for screening purposes.

More information can be found here and here.

Monday, September 08, 2014

For the corporations and their top managers and owners, everything; for everyone else, nothing.

Same old same old from the Harvard Business School:

Harvard Business School Alumni Temper Pessimism About the U.S.

Sounds good as a headline. But it starts looking grim as one digs deeper:
“Many business leaders see smoother waters ahead, with the promise of stronger and steadier growth in America,” Harvard Business School professors Michael E. Porter and Jan W. Rivkin wrote in a report on the poll.

The country’s recovery, though, is bifurcated, according to the report. Large and mid-size companies have rallied strongly from the worst recession since the Great Depression, while middle- and working-class Americans and small businesses are struggling.

“The U.S. is competitive to the extent that firms operating here do two things: win in global markets and lift the living standards of the average American,” Porter, who is co-chair of Harvard Business School’s U.S. Competitiveness Project, said in a press release. “The U.S. economy is doing the first of these but failing at the second.” 
 Essentially, if you're in the top ten percent, you're golden. If you're in the bottom 90%, you're getting the golden shower from your betters. And THIS makes those folks feel good about themsleves and life in general.

There are two likely endings to this scenario, and neither of them are good.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Squirrel of the Week: Jennifer Lawrence's Butt

For the week of 8/31/2014 to 9/6/2014

Okay, okay, Jennifer Lawrence's butt isn't really the squirrel, but that's click-bait.The real Squirrel of the Week includes Jennifer Lawrence's butt, however. That squirrel you saw flittering around last week was Celebrity Skin. (Which is an album by Courtney Love's band Hole, BTW.)

That included the big iCloud hack that revealed photos that celebrities wanted kept private, and also Joan Rivers, who had died before the week before.

I don't really have much to say about either that hasn't been said over and over again. Regarding the former, people need to not put things into a digital format if they don't want those things all over the internet. Because everything can be hacked. Apple's reputation for security has really been more about the fact that Apple products occupied a much smaller niche of the market than Micro$oft products, and the hackers tend to focus their efforts on the biggest possible returns. But now that Apple has become a much bigger deal, the hackers will rake them over the coals as well.

As for all the Celebrity Skin photos and video, I haven't looked and I don't intend to. Not because I'm some sort of shirking violet, or because I'm respecting their privacy. It's just that I don't think it is worth it. I'm not sure how many people are "on the internet", but it is probably over two billion people. And approximately one billion of those people have put up homemade erotica/porn. There's an awful lot of unknown amateur skin out there, and some of it looks quite good. And that doesn't include the professionals! I'm sure Jennifer Lawrence's butt looks quite nice, but I'm pretty sure I've seen plenty that look just as nice. It's just not worth the effort.

As for Joan Rivers: You either liked her, or you didn't. I actually did, and part of the reason for that was that she was as brutal with herself as she was with the other targets of her wit. That counts for something to me.