Sunday, April 19, 2015


ISIS affiliates in Libya have released video of their members executing Ethiopian Christians en masse. Below is a non-graphic image from the video. Does anyone else notice something remarkable about the image or is it just me?


virgil xenophon said...

Long time no see, icepick!

And to ans your question, it would be the fact the ISIS "dudes" tower over their captives in both size and height. Many have suggested this was done using very sophisticated digital techniques to make the ISIS types look like Supermen.

Do I win the cupie doll?

Icepick said...

No, that's not it. (And the prize is a malfunctioning 60+15 uF 250 VAC dual use capacitor, so you probably don't want to win anyway.)

What bothers me is the quality of the uniforms, both of the executioners and of the prisoners. Those uniforms are in good shape, and very uniform. This doesn't look like a rabble that's been fighting a dingy civil war in the North African desert for the last several years, this looks like a well equipped army. From what I can see, even the boots look good.

I've been told that most likely these are surplus Libyan army uniforms from the Qaddafi days, but I can't confirm that. This makes me wonder which of the following is true: that they save uniforms (including prisoner uniforms) for special video productions, that they've got good supply lines (in which case, why isn't someone cutting them if they're that big a threat), or if this is something other than what it purports to be.

As for the height, several things seem to contribute to the difference in the picture. (I haven't seen other pictures since I posted this, and generally haven't watched the videos at all.) First, the prisoners are barefoot, and the executioners are wearing boots that may boost their heights by two inched. Second, the prisoners are downhill to the executioners, walking closer to the surf. That could add an inch or three, depending on the grade of the beach. Finally, the prisoners aren't being allowed to stand up, but are forced to walked stooped over.

Anyway, that's all I got.