Wednesday, November 09, 2016

President Trump - Market Demand MET!

Back in May I made the following statement:

[W]e're about to get several months of the media doing everything they can to either ignore the topic that propelled Trump to his unlikely nomination or frame it in terms such as "Why doesn't Trump understand that the best thing for Americans is to turn America into a Third World country?" I don't expect it to work any better in the general election than it worked in the primaries. Hillary is already running a campaign that suggests that she hates American whites (except for gays, trannies, and lesbians who have had fifteen or more abortions) and would much rather preside over a country of Third World peasants. That didn't work out so well for El Jefe Jeb, who explicitly ran a campaign to be President of Greater Mexico, and I don't expect it to work for Hillary, either.
I admit that my faith in my prediction faltered, as the Clinton Campaign (which effectively included the entire press corps of the United States) turned the campaign into one smear after another. But largely I was correct. Hillary came right out and stated her hatred for a good chunk of the American electorate, and WikiLeaks has revealed that she pretty much hates everyone. (My favorite WikiLeak was the email where they suggested that Hillary should beat the Hell out of a staffer before doing interviews, as she apparently was much more likable immediately following physically abusing someone. The suggestion was presented as a joke, but the writer clearly implied that it had been done before. And let's not forget how jolly Hillary was after destroying Libya.)

Anyway, this election is over, and with it the Clinton Dynasty. Trump should get credit for at least wounding the Bush Dynasty, and destroying the Clinton Dynasty. Not to mention the great damage he has done to the two corrupt political parties that sit atop the US political power structure.